Instant Hypnosis For Relaxation And Stress Relief

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Hypnosis For Relaxation And Stress Relief

It doesn’t take being a modern-day Nostradamus to predict that the reason you are reading this article might be because you would love to de-stress your mind. What if you could use hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief? What if you could learn relaxation techniques that would work quickly and easily so that you actually experienced real stress reduction? Going into the hypnotic state has been proven to relax people of all ages.

There are two ways to experience hypnosis. The first is by going for a hypnosis session with a qualified hypnotherapist. During this, you’ll be given some positive suggestions while you are in a deeply relaxed state for reducing your stress and viewing stressful situations differently in future.

The other way of experiencing hypnosis is by doing self hypnosis. Most people start by downloading self hypnosis audio sessions which they get into the daily practice of listening to. The very best self hypnosis audios are made by practicing hypnotherapists who have experience of helping people reduce their stress levels such as myself.

Does Hypnosis Work For Stress And Anxiety?

does hypnosis work for stress and anxiety

One study published in the International Journal of Clinical And Experimental Hypnosis found that hypnosis was more effective than all other methods in reducing anxiety. Part of the reason is that just by going into hypnosis, the subject is experiencing a deep state of relaxation which, of course, makes it more difficult to do anxiety.

Of course, it is necessary to have an open mind regarding the process of hypnosis and when coupled with listening to audio recordings which contain hypnotic suggestions for anxiety relief, this can make positive changes happen quickly.

When in a state of chronic stress or anxiety, muscles tense more than usual. It is not unusual to hear someone with a stress or anxiety problem complaining of tightness or tension in neck and shoulder muscles.

Incorporating progressive muscle relaxation into your daily life gives you a moment of respite from the tension and teaches you that you don’t have to do the stress or anxiety all of the time. Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to all sorts of other health problems if left unchecked, so hypnosis is a valuable tool to use on a regular basis in your life.

We are appreciating more and more the role that the subconscious mind plays in our physical health. Studies have shown that those that regularly experiencing inner peace tend to have better health outcomes in the longer term. This is what you can expect when you use hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief.

How Does Hypnosis Work For Stress?

“You’ll end up clucking like a chicken”, or “the hypnotist will take control of your mind” are some of the common misconceptions about hypnosis. The popular belief for quite a while was that hypnosis was nothing more than a magic trick or as the result of some “power” that the hypnotist possessed. As the years roll by, we are understanding more about the unconscious mind and how hypnosis can be a powerful tool in helping us to rewrite some of the faulty code that causes our problems.

As a result of the tireless efforts of researchers in the field of hypnosis, we now understand more about the different ways hypnosis can be used to benefit a person. When it comes to stress, we’ve all heard the saying “pressure is for tires”. But how many people would hold their hands up and say they regularly feel stressed? I think that number would be quite high. The problem with our modern society is that we think it’s ok to stress ourselves to breaking point. Indeed, most people don’t even know that breaking point exists until it’s too late.

I encourage the regular use of hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief amongst my clients, not just to solve the immediate problem they have, but as a preventative measure. Regularly experiencing a state of deep relaxation through the practice of self hypnosis, or through mindfulness meditations can play an important role in our everyday lives. I ask my clients if they own a car, would they never service it? I regard going into a state of hypnosis for twenty minutes or so every day as being a vital component of everyday life. It can help provide protection against stressful events or turbulent times.

How To Hypnotize Yourself To Relax

There are two main ways to hypnotize yourself to relax:

  1. Self-directed Self Hypnosis: Close your eyes and go into a state of self hypnosis. During this deeply relaxed state, you can give yourself positive affirmations and post-hypnotic suggestions to achieve whatever you would like to change. For those who are not sure how to do this, the best thing to do is read a book that teaches you how to do self hypnosis.
  2. Guided Self Hypnosis: this is where you download a self hypnosis recording such as “Overcome Anxiety” or “Stress Management“. These are available for instant download. You just simply listen once a day for thirty days. Before downloading any self hypnosis track, it would be a good idea to read my blog post about “Is Hypnosis Suitable For Everyone
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Self Hypnosis Audio For Stress

Self hypnosis can be a great tool to use to overcome stress. This powerful audio is 25 minutes long.

Hypnosis For Relaxation And Stress Relief Script

I’ve included a full hypnosis script below that you can record on your phone if you’d like. It’s up to you if you’d like to add some relaxing meditation style music in the background. You can find suitable tracks for free on Or if you prefer, you can look on the right hand side column of this page (if you are viewing it on desktop or laptop), or at the bottom of the page if you are viewing this post from your mobile phone. There you’ll find a place where you can enter your name and email address and download my pre-recorded mp3 for free.

“The aim of this recording is to help you to really deeply relax right now.

There is a very powerful hypnotic induction in this recording and for this reason, you are responsible for finding a safe place to listen to this recording. You should never listen to this recording in a moving vehicle or in any situation where you need your full alert awareness in order to ensure your safety or the safety of others.

Being in hypnosis is just simply being halfway between full alert awareness and sleep. To get closer and closer to that state, simply realise and fully accept right now that nobody wants anything from you right now, there’s nothing to worry about or think about for right now and it is perfectly ok to give yourself permission to relax very deeply now.

For now just find yourself in a place where you will not be disturbed for the next half an hour or so either sitting down in a comfortable chair, or maybe lying down on your bed and if you haven’t done so already just close your eyes now and then take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth or however feels most relaxing to you.

As you breath out, imagine you are slowly breathing out any stress or tension there. Now take another really slow deep breath and as you exhale just imagine that any thoughts that have been on your mind are just floating away – blow them all away now just like they are little clouds and watch them float off over the horizon of your mind. As you notice noticing thoughts floating away, you can realise that for now, you can leave them over there while you are here just simply relaxing, totally detached from them for a while

As your breathing relaxes more and more now, you can notice your muscles relaxing too throughout your entire body. Drop your shoulders now a little more with each out breath and as your shoulders relax, notice how quickly your arms become loose and limp and lazy until they are much too limp to lift now.

Notice how that relaxation spreads down through your chest and your stomach and on down through your legs so quickly now as it becomes easier and easier to just let go and drift deeper and deeper into relaxation

In a moment now I am going to count down from 10 to 1 and as I do I’ll mention different areas of your body and you can double the relaxation in that area of your body as I refer to it. There’s no need to try to figure out how to make that happen – just allow yourself to imagine and feel those sensations

10 – concentrating on your feet and noticing how relaxed they’ve already become. Notice your toes and the soles of your feet and all those tiny little muscles. Now just double those relaxed feelings….loosening…..loosening…..loosening

9 – concentrating all of your attention now on that area of your body from your ankles to your knees noticing how relaxed these calf muscles are already and then just double those relaxed sensations, really letting go now

8 – as you drift deeper and deeper into even deeper relaxation you can notice that continuing relaxation in your thighs and now just double that relaxation

7 – as every breath relaxes you more now, notice how relaxed your stomach has become already and double that sensation now too

6 – as you begin to continue to realise how easy it is for you to relax as you wander into hypnosis, you can notice your chest now – from the surface of your skin to deep within, notice how your breathing and your heart rate are already so much more relaxed. Now double those lovely relaxed feelings too

5 – as you enjoy the safety and security that you can allow yourself to experience as you drift into a trance now you can notice you neck and shoulders and how slack and loose they are – now double those sensations. Really give yourself permission to enjoy this state of really deep relaxation fully

4 – notice your arms now and notice how limp they feel and just allow all of those loose limp feelings intensify until those arms are much too limp to lift

3 – imagine that every time a thought is generated in your brain, it’s like a muscle is clenching and notice how your brain is already becoming more relaxed than before. Now imagine completely loosening it, imagining thoughts floating away even more now, just like little fluffy clouds floating off to the horizon of your mind as you watch them getting smaller and smaller as they just float away for now, more insignificant the farther away they get. Now just double how loose and relaxed your mind feels. Feel how wonderful it feels as you realise you don’t need to do that right now.

2 – relaxing even more now becoming much more absorbed in those inner sensations of calm and peace and deep relaxation – much more relaxed than ever before and allow yourself a moment of quietness now to double that sense of becoming much more absorbed in all of those inner sensations

1 – going deep within now, down to the place deep inside, down to your place of inner strength and wisdom, down to your source of positive change, becoming just a little excited now at the prospect of all of those positive changes that are happening now, some already having begun, old patterns of behaviour finally changing for the better now as you embrace newer more positive choices now only at a rate and speed that is acceptable to you.

Zero – just relax really deeply now

And now that you are so deeply relaxed and able to use your imagination even more powerfully than before, I’d like you to sense or imagine that you are beginning to walk along a path towards a beautiful beach. Maybe you’ve been to this beach before or maybe it’s a brand new experience. This path takes you through a wooded area. Even as you begin to stroll along there now, you can continue to begin to notice noticing the smell of the trees and the wild flowers and grasses.  I’m not sure is that a fresh smell or maybe a fragranced smell like pine and you can also notice now the sounds -the beautiful sounds of peace and tranquility, the rustle of leaves or twigs as each step makes a slight sound, or perhaps the sometimes faint sound of birds, who knows how many. And then of course there’s those awarenesses of the light and how interesting it is as the sunlight streams through the trees in places adding to the magical mystical feel of this relaxing place. And there’s the distant sound of the ocean against the shore

As you stroll on, you can feel the tensions of past days beginning to unwind and loosen and let go, just a little at first, maybe even so little that you do not notice you are beginning to let go and relax. As you walk on easily and effortlessly, enjoying this journey more and more, you can perhaps begin to wonder how sandy the beach is or how clear the water will be once you get there. You can also notice how your breathing becomes steadier and easier as you enjoy learning to relax more now and feel the tension draining away.

You wander on and the path widens out into grassy dunes with the long grasses swaying gently in the warm breeze. The smell of the salt air is noticeable and you even hear the distant sound of seabirds calling out from time to time. The grasses brush past your legs as you wander in the direction of the golden sand that lies ahead. The gentle sound of the waves whooshing against the shore is more noticeable now as is the warmth of the gentle breeze that’s caressing your skin now. There’s a slight drop down to the beach and you feel your feet sliding as the sand moves underneath your feet. You slip off your shoes and now you can really feel the warmth of the sand against your bare feet. You stroll on even more, feet sinking welcomingly into the sand, leaving a trail of footprints in the sand behind you.

Somewhere along the beach, you wander onto the wet sand and then your toes touch the water for the first time. It’s pleasantly warm and you wander on in until the water comes up to your ankles. As the water ebbs and flows, the level of the water rises up along your legs and then drifts back down again.

With a little smile on your face you begin to wonder what it would be like if just right now, you could leave go of all of your worries and cares. There’s a number of pieces of driftwood on the beach and you just imagine right now that one of those things that has been on your mind, something you have been worrying about or something that been stressing you is just like a piece of driftwood. You can see or imagine that you’re placing that piece of driftwood gently on the surface of the water and smile as you watch it gently bobbing on the surface of the water as it drifts away. You keep watching it until it drifts so far away that it’s out of sight. And because that felt so good, now you take another one of those things that’s on your mind and imagine it like a piece of driftwood too and you set it down gently onto the water and idly watch as it just drifts away..

Now I’m going to be quiet for a few moments to allow you to do the same for everything that’s ever worried you, every stress you have now or had in the past, and every bad or hurtful thing that has ever happened to you during your entire life. Imagine they are all just pieces of driftwood and then watch as each one in turn sails slowly away and you let it go, feel better and better as each one floats off out to sea.

When they have all floated off now, out of sight, gone from the horizon of your mind, you wander back up to the dry sand and sit yourself down, feeling so much better now and absorb deep inside all of the peace and tranquility and freedom that this beautiful place gives to you. Feel those wonderful peaceful feelings being absorbed deep inside you right now, right down to a cellular level, storing them deep inside so that each day from you on, you are feeling more in control, calmer, happier with a deep sense of security on the inside.

As you enjoy listening to this recording each day you are learning how to let go of stresses and tensions each day rather than storing them up like you used to do in the past and you’ll get better and better at relaxing even more deeply each time you listen to this recording, enjoying your life so much better now. And because you are relaxing more and more each day, it’ll be even easier as each day goes by to make healthy changes in your life so that your life keeps getting better and better now.

This is who you were born to be – calm, relaxed and easily able to let go whenever you need to let go.

And if you’re listening to this recording at your regular bedtime you can ignore my suggestion to become fully aware again and you’ll simply drift off into the most beautiful sleep ever and awaken only at the appropriate time feeling fabulous – definitely much more relaxed.

And if you are listening to this at a time where you’d like to return to your full alert awareness now you can do so as I could slowly from one up to five. By the time I reach five you’ll have left that old stressed part behind because you don’t need that any more.

One – slowly returning

Two – feeling really good, really relaxed

Three – so in control, definitely relaxed now

Four – eyelids beginning to flutter

Five – eyelids wide open now, back to your full alert awareness”

Self Hypnosis Audio For Anxiety

Self hypnosis can be a great tool to use to overcome anxiety. This powerful audio is 25 minutes long.

How Successful Is Hypnotherapy For Anxiety?

You’ll find many success stories on the web from people who have used hypnosis for anxiety and found it to be great. However, it is impossible to accurately measure the success of hypnotherapy for anxiety because it depends on a number of factors:

  1. Open Mind: if the subject has an open mind, hypnotherapy will work better and not so well if they don’t.
  2. Ability To Imagine: the more able you are to imagine, your results should be better. This does not mean that people who have difficulty imagining cannot get a good result. It just means that it may take a little longer or it may take a hypnotherapist with greater expertise.
  3. Therapist: different therapists have better rapport with their clients than others. Also, some therapists are simply better and more skilled than others.
  4. Other Factors: people are complex and often have other issues that affect the potential outcome, such as medical conditions, a more stressful life, a family that causes stress or anxiety, etc.

Self Hypnosis For Relaxation And Stress Relief

I specifically recorded a self hypnosis audio called “Stress Management” which you can download right now. By listening to this track once per day for thirty days, you’ll find you don’t feel quite as stressed. You can gain instant access to the track by clicking on the name of the recording. My website aims to be the world’s largest hypnosis provider within the next couple of years. There are over 150 recorded hypnotherapy sessions available for download, so if this track doesn’t address your specific problem, have a look at my other hypnosis downloads.


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