Overcome Anxiety

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Overcome Anxiety Now!

Imagine if you could…..

Feel calm and in control every moment of the day
Accept that change is a natural part of life
Believe that you have the resources to deal with anything that comes your way

Download my Overcome Anxiety self hypnosis audio now by clicking the Add To Cart button. All you have to do is listen once a day for thirty days and you’ll notice a real change in your level of anxiety. Get results even if you’ve tried other forms of therapy before and failed. Go ahead – do it now!

Overcome Anxiety Now!

So you want to overcome anxiety….right? If you want to reduce your anxiety quickly and naturally then read on.

What Anxiety Means

Anxiety is a very natural (and good) response that the human body is born with. It is a wonderful thing in a dangerous situation because your anxiety helps you to pump out more adrenaline which is essentially emergency muscle fuel. This means that you can run away faster or fight harder. I suppose you could say that anxiety is a natural life-saving ability that we are all born with.

The problem happens when we activate our anxiety at the wrong time. In our ultra busy world, stress has become very common and anxiety often triggers in response to stress.

Stress is the signal that says “something is wrong here”. As a result, we instinctively trigger our anxiety in what our mind thinks is the best course of action.

Anxiety Symptoms

Here are some of the most common anxiety symptoms listed below. Just as a caveat – you should never self-diagnose. Always talk to a doctor to rule out any other possible causes for these symptoms.

  1. Your heart seems like it is beating faster, or even racing at times
  2. Breathing faster or taking shallower breaths
  3. Worrying constantly – so much that you can’t really concentrate on other things
  4. Avoiding people or situations or things that you think could trigger anxiety
  5. Feeling on edge more often than normal
  6. Feeling more tired or fatigued than usual
  7. Sweating or trembling

The Overcome Anxiety self hypnosis audio will help you to calm the worries, get your breathing and heartrate back to normal and help you to be more decisive so that your general stress level reduces, you think in a more positive way and feel secure every day.

Anxiety To Sleep

Are you one of those people who get anxious about going to sleep at night? Do you think in advance “omg – what happens if I can’t get to sleep tonight?”. These types of internal thought patterns or worries can be enough to trigger feelings of anxiety.

The website Medical News Today have published an excellent sleep hygiene checklist if you’d like to go into this in greater detail. Have a look at this brief sleep hygiene checklist and make sure you are doing things correctly

  1. Go to bed at around the same time every night
  2. Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks before bedtime
  3. Write a “Worry Journal” where you write down anything you are worried or concerned about and then leave it outside the bedroom. This is to teach your mind that worries are not allowed in the bedroom. You can have them back in the morning if you really want but not in the bedroom.
  4. No mobile phones, tablets, laptops or tv’s in the bedroom.
  5. Start practicing having pleasant, positive dreams every night. As your heads lies on the pillow, choose what to dream about and then get started. You might not succeed for a while but keep going. You are teaching your unconscious mind that bed is time for positive dreams.

Anxiety At Work

Do you suffer from anxiety at work? What is it about your work environment that is causing you stress? Here are some of the main reasons that people experience anxiousness in the workplace

  1. The Boss Is An Ogre – I think if you did a survey, you’d be surprised how many people actually hate their bosses. The reasons can vary from the boss really being a nasty person who doesn’t know how to manage people properly and with respect, to the fact that it’s just a personality clash
  2. Unrealistic Demands – do you find that there is never enough time in the day to complete the tasks you have been given? Do you just have to hold your hands up and say that no-one could do that job within normal working hours?
  3. Is That Job Really For You? – a lot of people just take a job because it pays and they have a mortgage and car payments to think about. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate if you should move job or even move to a different type of job altogether.

This Overcome Anxiety self hypnosis recording will help to bring down your overall anxiety level so that you can answer those questions in a better manner and make better decisions for the future.

Does Hypnosis For Anxiety Work?

This anxiety reduction self hypnosis audio is scripted using many years of experience of seeing many anxiety clients in person. One particular client comes to mind who felt a tightness in his stomach every morning when he woke up and in situations where there was potential conflict, he would really feel the anxiety overtaking him. He was in a different country so he just received a self hypnosis audio. The option for face-to-face therapy was not possible. He reported back that within a couple of days the anxiety feelings were lifting and after thirty days were gone completely.

Imagine if you could…..

checkmark Feel calm and in control every moment of the day
checkmark Accept that change is a natural part of life
checkmark Believe that you have the resources to deal with anything that comes your way

So if you really want to overcome anxiety, scroll up right now and click on the Add To Cart button right now to get your self hypnosis audio immediately.

Click here if you’d like to learn How To Listen To A Self Hypnosis Audio

Note: If your problem is panic attacks you might prefer to download my Overcome Panic Attacks self hypnosis audio instead

AUDIO LENGTH: 24 minutes and 45 seconds


  • Listen every day for thirty days
  • It is best to listen using headphones or earphones to block out distractions
  • Make sure you are listening in a place where it is safe to close your eyes and drift into a trance-like state
  • Make sure you turn your phone onto airplane mode before you start listening
  • Do NOT try to pay too much attention to the words on the recording – your unconscious mind will hear every word without you paying attention.


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