Can Hypnosis Help With Addiction Treatment And Recovery

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Can Hypnosis Help With Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Are you addicted to something unhealthy? There are so many addictions, ranging from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, food addiction, and many more. Traditional treatment methods evolved from mainly residential addiction treatment centers to outpatient treatment programs. In recent years, medication-assisted treatment has developed and refined. Increasingly, we’ve seen the use of hypnosis in research programs as we try to find the right combination of therapies that will have the most effective results. This begs the question “Can hypnosis help with addiction treatment and recovery?”.

If one of the most successful treatments for nicotine addiction is hypnosis, could it work for other addictions too? Many people have reported very positive results with the use of hypnotherapy to stop smoking. The process involves the use of different techniques to turn you off the thing you are addicted to. There are techniques to reduce compulsions and to help the patient visualize successful outcomes. As addictive behaviors are similar across all addictions, it makes sense to wonder if a similar hypnosis program would work for all addictions.

Is Hypnosis An Effective Form Of Addiction Treatment?

is hypnosis an effective form of addiction traatment?

As hypnosis is typically administered by a human being, the answer to the question “Is hypnosis an effective form of addiction treatment?” is quite a subjective one. The variables are whether it’s a trained hypnotherapist, the type of therapeutic technique employed, and the type of hypnotherapy program that’s used. It also depends on the hypnotized individual and their willingness and ability to go into a hypnotic state. 

Because methods used vary from one clinical hypnotherapist to another, it has been challenging to guide the training of hypnotherapists in the direction of a more evidence-based approach. However, many case studies have pointed to the potential benefits of hypnosis. I believe there is a strong argument to make hypnosis one of the recognized treatment options that could be incorporated in any treatment plan for addiction.

How Successful Is Hypnotherapy For Addiction?

There is scientific research that suggests that hypnotherapy is one of the forms of treatment that is most successful as part of the treatment process. It does depend on the motivation of the individual to kick their addiction. However, that is the same challenge for traditional methods. Remember that, if you choose to explore this option further, you should always make sure your hypnotherapist is a trained therapist. They should be part of a well-recognized and respected professional organization such as the American Society Of Clinical Hypnosis.

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Self-Hypnosis Audio For Cannabis Or Weed Addiction

Self-hypnosis can be a great tool to help you stay clean and visualize a new future without drugs that feels better and more enjoyable..

How Effective Is Hypnotherapy For Substance Abuse?

I have used hypnotherapy for substance abuse for the past fifteen years. One of the more “popular” substance abuses I have used it for is cocaine. One of my previous clients had a serious drug use problem where he would snort up to ten or twelve lines of coke every day. Within five weeks, he reported feeling fine, and not having cravings at all. He relapsed once, after eight months but rather wisely, came to see me immediately and within two sessions, was right back on the wagon again.

One year on, and he is still clean and reports feeling very much in control. The key is that these are automatic feelings. He doesn’t have to try to make these happen. He still regularly uses the self-hypnosis audio that I made for him and loves experiencing a hypnotic trance. When your therapeutic tool is something that your patient or client enjoys, then it becomes an even more effective treatment. 

Many of my addiction clients would say that they were a bit skeptical in advance. One guy came straight out and asked me “Can hypnosis help with addiction? Really?”. I get that. Hypnosis has traditionally been associated with stopping smoking, losing weight, or overcoming a fear or phobia. Five sessions in, he was spreading the word to all of his friends who had a similar problem, telling them that it was incredible.

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Self-Hypnosis Audio For Cocaine Addiction

Self-hypnosis can be a great tool to help you stay clean and visualize a new future without drugs that feels better and more enjoyable..

Can Hypnosis Help With Alcohol Addiction?

As with any addiction, alcohol tends to be used as self-medication for other problems like stress or trauma. Hypnosis can help you to relax and let go of whatever is stressing you. Through deep relaxation, you can be taught to reframe and let go of past trauma. Most importantly, regular hypnosis sessions can help you focus on a bright, alcohol-free future. You’ll be prompted to see yourself finding it easier to be sober than to continue drinking.

By falling in love with sobriety, you can find it much easier to deal with your addiction and feel much more control over it.

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Self-Hypnosis Audio To Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Self-hypnosis can be a great tool to help you visualize your new sober future and get excited about it. 

Beating Nicotine Addiction With Hypnosis (Case Study)

The following is a rather unique case study because it involves my own experience with nicotine addiction. 

I had managed to avoid smoking until I went to college. How I started seems so stupid now. I saw this guy jamming on his guitar and he had a cigarette stuck into the headstock of the guitar, between the wooden head and the strings. This beautiful girl saunters over to him, seductively taking his cigarette and putting it between her perfectly formed lips. She inhaled, all the time looking at him as if she was teasing him. I was 19 and that was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I wanted some of that, so the very next day, I brought my guitar.  When I had the cigarette lit,  put it in the headstock of my guitar.

Unfortunately, there was no seductive temptress lured by my cigarette so I just smoked it. I graduated to 50 a day by the time I had left college and went on to spend 16 smoke-clouded years damaging my lungs and smelling horrible. By then, I was 35 and I was hooked. I tried to get off of them but it just never worked. The longest I lasted was about 10 days. Then I went to see the guy who saved my life. I arrived in a hypnotherapist’s office one day for a stop-smoking session.

As I sat on his sofa, I was already thinking “What am I doing here? This is stupid. This is just going to be a giant waste of money.” I had all the usual thoughts that people have when they go see a hypnotherapist for the first time. Two and a half hours later, I walked out of his office still not certain if I was going to succeed. All I knew was I didn’t want a cigarette. That, in itself, was quite unusual, because, as a 50-a-day smoker, I normally had a cigarette between my lips before I was even aware I was smoking.

Fast forward to now and it is 24 years (at the time of writing this), since I last inhaled a cigarette. On the day of my stop smoking hypnosis session, I didn’t realize what a life-changing day that was. Now I realize that hypnotherapist guy saved my life. If I had continued smoking at a rate of 50 a day, I reckon I probably would have died about five or ten years ago from lung cancer. My experience was interesting in that, I had no cravings.

Stop Smoking

Self Hypnosis Audio To Stop Smoking Successfully

Self hypnosis can be a great tool to stop smoking successfully. This powerful audio is 25 minutes long.

How Do I Know If I Can Be Hypnotized?

First of all, you need to figure out whether you are a suitable candidate for hypnosis. There are some medical conditions such as epilepsy where extreme caution needs to be exercised. Also, there are some mental health issues that would indicate that hypnosis might not be safe for you. To find out more, have a look at my article entitled “Is Self Hypnosis Suitable For Everyone?

Everyone can go into hypnosis. For most people, it is a learnable skill. It can take a little practice to get it right but most people can achieve a very good trance-like state within three or four listenings to a self-hypnosis audio. You’ll find an in-depth description of what you should be doing or thinking while going into hypnosis in my article entitled “How Do I Listen To A Self Hypnosis Audio?”

Self Hypnosis For Addiction Recovery

Self-hypnosis audios can really help you with substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder, and other forms of physical addiction. The key is to train your subconscious mind to associate pain with your addiction and pleasure in being free of it. You’ll experience a lovely state of deep relaxation while suggestions for positive change are fed to your unconscious mind. Check out my full selection of self hypnosis downloads for addiction here.

Picture of Author: Paul Hunter

Author: Paul Hunter

Although thousands of people read his blog every month, Paul's path to success was not an easy one. Click here to read his amazing story "From Unwanted Baby And Adopted To A Respected Self Help Blogger". If you want to send Paul a quick message, then visit his contact page here


Picture of Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter

Although thousands of people read his blog every month, Paul's path to success was not an easy one. Click here to read his amazing story "From Unwanted Baby And Adopted To A Respected Self Help Blogger". If you want to send Paul a quick message, then visit his contact page here

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