Stop Snoring

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Stop Snoring

Imagine if you could…..

 Feel confident every night that your throat muscles will retain enough tension to breathe quietly
Retrain your unconscious mind that controls your automatic muscle tone
 Build a new habit of unconsciously noticing when a snore is about to happen
 Enjoy quiet deep sleep and awake much more refreshed than you used to

Today is the day! Your freedom day! Make a start right now. Listen to this self hypnosis audio for 30 days and embed new thoughts and automatic responses in your unconscious mind to make it easier for you to succeed at breathing quietly all night long every night from now on.

Download Stop Snoring now and start freeing yourself from your snoring problem today

Would You Love To Stop Snoring?

For most people who snore, they would dearly love to stop snoring. It can be really embarrassing for all age groups.

stop snoring

For instance, if you’re a teenager heading away on a group activity, it can be really embarrassing to be the centre of unwanted attention from your peers. Or if you’re getting into a serious relationship and thinking of heading away for your first weekend away in a hotel, you may be terrified that your partner will be annoyed by your snoring.

Indeed many people who are in long term relationships know only too well that their partners are annoyed by their snoring. I’m sure you probably know of someone who has had to sleep in another room because of their partners snoring.

Can Snoring Cause Sore Throat

The website WebMD has an excellent article on sore throat and here is a quote from that very article

The constant vibration in your airway from snoring is a common cause of a sore throat

Many snorers breathe through their mouth while snoring. As a result, the mouth and throat dries up which is quite uncomfortable when you wake. You may have heard snorers say they woke up with their tongue stuck to their palate, or something close to that.

Harvard Medical School suggest that

antihistamines may actually alleviate snoring by reducing nasal congestion

So especially if you suffer from allergies, taking an anti-histamine at bedtime can also reduce snoring by reducing nasal congestion. As a result, any subsequent sore throat would ease because of reduced snoring.

Does A Humidifier Help With Snoring

It most certainly can, but only if humidity is a problem in the room you sleep in. While air that’s too moist can aggravate snoring problems, the same can be said of air that is too dry. If your house is too dry, you could try using a humidifier. This will add moistness to the air and soothe problems caused by dry air. If the humidity levels in your room are higher than 60% then a dehumidifier may help but as with all suggestions here, take your doctors advice first and foremost.

For most people, humidity (or the lack of it is not actually a major contributory reason for their snoring.

Does A Deviated Septum Cause Snoring

First of all, what is a septum? The septum in your nose if the bone and cartilage that separate one nostril from the other. In some people, they have a deviated septum from birth. In other words, their septum is bent out of shape in some way. For other people, an injury can cause the septum to deviate. Many people who play contact sports (eg. Boxing, MMA, American Football, Rugby, etc.) have suffered injury to their nose that results in breathing difficulties through one or both nostrils.

If you think your snoring may be as a result of a deviated septum, please consult with your doctor who will best advise you.

Why Am I Snoring All Of A Sudden

There is an excellent article on the Dr. Day website that explains why people who have never snored before suddenly start snoring. Some of these include

  1. Wisdom Teeth
  2. Alcohol
  3. Medications
  4. Weight Gain
  5. Lack Of Exercise
  6. Getting Older
  7. Jaw Misalignment or TMJ problems


Why Did I Start Snoring

Your snoring could be happening for many reasons. There is an excellent article on the Mayo Clinic website which details the main reasons why people snore, including

  1. The Anatomy Of Your Mouth
  2. Nasal Problems
  3. Alcohol Consumption
  4. Sleep Deprivation
  5. Sleep Position

Self Hypnosis To Stop Snoring

You can use self hypnosis to help train the muscles in the throat to change the level of muscle tension so that you can reduce your snoring. On this recording there are numerous suggestions to your unconscious mind to regulate muscle tone in you throat so that snoring can be reduced or eliminated altogether. The simple fact is that you don’t snore during the day. Moreover, you don’t snort or make any unusual sounds while breathing during the day. All that’s simply happening at night is that those muscles are becoming too loose and relaxed

You would need to commit to listening to this recording for at least thirty days for best results. If you never listened to a self hypnosis recording before and you’re not too sure what you should be doing or not doing, have a look at my article – How Do I Listen To A Self Hypnosis Audio?

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