why did I start snoring

Why Did I Start Snoring?

Have you ever asked yourself “why did I start snoring”? Most people haven’t a clue. To most people it’s either you do snore or you don’t. It’s not something they think they can control of affect in any way.

Snoring can be caused by a number of things

  1. Your weight – if you snore, it’ll probably get worse as you gain weight and get better if you lose weight
  2. Allergies – people with allergies tend to snore more
  3. Sinus problems – if you suffer with sinus problems you are more likely to snore
  4. Alcohol consumption – people who snore tend to snore louder after alcohol.

The reason for snoring is that the muscles of the soft palate get a little too relaxed. Consequently, the skin in that tissues in that area become looser and when air in introduced, they vibrate. This is why you don’t snore during the day. Those muscles are tighter during the day so you breathe normally but by night they become too relaxed.

Self hypnosis can help you to program your mind to keep a certain level of tightness in those muscles – just enough to allow for quiet sleeping. So hopefully that answers your question “why did I start snoring?”.


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