Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

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Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking Now!


Imagine if you could…..

Feel excited in the lead up to public speaking
Accept that you can speak in public calmly
Believe that no-one is judging you or waiting for you to make a mistake
Enjoy being in the spotlight

All you have to do is listen for thirty days and you’ll notice a real change in your feelings about public speaking. Get results even if you’ve tried other forms of therapy before and failed. You can be confident speaking in public and I can help you achieve that new level on confidence.

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How To Get Over Fears Of Public Speaking

So, you want to overcome fear of public speaking…..right?

overcome fear of public speaking
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The vast majority of people are either uncomfortable or downright scared of public speaking. If you fear being in the spotlight or tell yourself that you simply wouldn’t be able to handle all those people staring at you, then this “Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking” self hypnosis audio is perfect for you.

It could be that you are afraid of doing a presentation at work. Maybe you have a speech to make at a family gathering. Or maybe you have a change of role happening soon that will necessitate public speaking. Perhaps you know that at some stage in the future you may find yourself in the spotlight, or being the centre of attention.

As human beings we tend to be scared of whatever we tell ourselves that we can’t handle. So if you are telling yourself right now that you “can’t” speak in public, or that you “hate” being the centre of attention, then you are shooting yourself in the foot before you even begin.

Famous Person With Fear Of Public Speaking

Some of these people who have had stage fright or problems speaking in public will astonish you

  1. Harrison Ford – the actor who plays Han Solo in the Star Wars movies once said that public speaking was “a mixed bag of terror and anxiety”
  2. Mahatma Gandhi – the Indian lawyer that led his country in a peaceful uprising against British rule
  3. Richard Branson – the head of the Virgin empire of companies is now one of the highest paid public speakers in the world but actually hates public speaking
  4. Samuel L. Jackson – famous actor, probably most famous for his role in the film Pulp Fiction used acting to overcome his phobia of speaking in public
  5. Bruce Willis – famous for the Die Hard movies was a stutterer and hated speaking in front of people
  6. Winston Churchill – the famous wartime British Prime Minister had a lisp which made him nervous of speaking in public
  7. Adele – singer of the Bond tune “Skyfall” hates talking to other celebrities

Hypnosis For Fear Of Public Speaking

The first question most people ask is – “does hypnosis work for fear of public speaking?” and of course, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Our mind is like a rehearsal theatre for real life. We can either rehearse success, or much more likely, rehearse failure where everything goes wrong, people laugh at us, we embarrass ourselves, etc. Most people tend to do the latter when they think about some event that involves public speaking.

But what if you rehearsed only success?

This self hypnosis audio will help you to

  Train your internal self talk to only say positive things about public speaking
  Produce calm, confident and secure feelings on demand
  Get excited about the prospect of public speaking

At a deep, subconscious level of your mind, you’ll regard public speaking differently. That will mean that your fight or flight response simply doesn’t trigger off any more. You’ll replace it with an anticipation of fun and a real feeling of achievement. You’ll be so proud when you can speak in public calmly and confidently from now on.

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