Overcome Depression

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Overcome Depression Now!

Imagine if

            You can begin to think more positively
            You can appreciate and praise yourself regularly
           You can realize that all bad things are temporary
            You can feel more connected to everyday life

This self hypnosis audio has been carefully crafted from years of experience dealing with depressions successfully. There are powerful suggestions in the recording that will help you to change your thought patterns to new, more flexible ways of thinking You’ll find this self hypnosis audio will help you let go of old unhelpful beliefs about yourself. You’ll stop comparing yourself unfavourably to others. You’ll start having positive (and reasonable) expectations of the future. It will help you to tolerate uncertainty and to always know you have the resources inside of you to deal with whatever comes your way.

Download Overcome Depression now and listen for at least thirty days for best results

Overcome Depression

Do you want to finally overcome depression?

Depression is an umbrella description for a condition that affects up to 264 million people worldwide (source: World Health Organisation website). The condition can be mild, moderate or severe. For instance, you may feel it’s constant in your life or it can come and go. Most people suffering with depression will tell you that they just can’t seem to enjoy their day. I’ve heard people saying they feel “flat” all the time, while others would tell me that it’s unbearable. To other people, you may seem fine because the signs of depression can be very subtle.

overcome depression

Medications do not cure depression but instead, they ease the depression symptoms and make life more bearable. In some cases, medications are absolutely necessary. You should always seek proper medical advice. I would never think of or promote self hypnosis as an alternative to medical treatment. You should instead use it as part of a combined effort which includes other interventions too if necessary.

Is Alcohol A Depressant?

On the website Addiction Center, they state

Alcohol is classified as a Central Nervous System Depressant, meaning that it slows down brain functioning and neural activity.

Many people use alcohol to “escape” low feelings but the ironic thing is that they are indulging in the very thing that is almost guaranteed to make them worse. The website WebMD states

Nearly one-third of people with major depression also have an alcohol problem.

In general, it is nearly always the best course of action to avoid alcohol if at all possible if you have depression or at the very least to limit it to infrequent social situations where you only have a few.

Will Depression Ever Go Away?

Imagine if you can

    Begin to think more positively
    Appreciate and praise yourself regularly
    Realize that all bad things are temporary
    Feel more connected to everyday life

So are you ready to overcome depression? There is no time like the present to start to get the life you want so scroll up and click on the Add To Cart button and download this track instantly.

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TRACK LENGTH:: 24 minutes and 5 seconds


  • Listen once a day for thirty days
  • Listen only at a time that its safe to close your eyes and drift off for the duration of the recording
  • It’s best to listen through headphones or earphones to block out distractions
  • DO NOT over analyse or concentrate too much on this recording. Just drift off into a daydream and let the words wash over you

Are Depression And Anxiety Related?

There is strong evidence to suggest that depression and anxiety are definitely linked. In an article on the Mayo Clinic website, it is stated that

Depression and anxiety are different conditions, but they commonly occur together.

If you feel that you may also have an anxiety problem and you’d prefer to deal with that first, there is a self hypnosis audio that can help called Overcome Anxiety. You would need to choose which is the most important condition to work on immediately and that differs from person to person.

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