Complete Confidence

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Imagine if …..

You believe that you are always good enough
You believe that other people find you interesting
Your internal self-talk becomes more positive and supportive
You feel comfortable even in a roomful of strangers

Low self confidence is best described as trying to drive a Ferrari with the handbrake pulled up. It’s
just frustrating and limiting and now is the right time to release yourself from that self-imposed
limitation. You deserve a good experience of life, to feel secure, to feel

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Confidence – Do You Want More?

Do you want to improve your confidence even if other things have failed in the past? Then keep reading… it just seems so easy for people who are confident, doesn’t it? And they simply don’t get the person who isn’t confident. It’s like they don’t know how you do what you do. Imagine if


You believe that you are always good enough
You believe that other people find you interesting
Your internal self-talk becomes more positive and supportive
You feel comfortable even in a roomful of strangers

What Confidence Means

The website Kids Health has an excellent definition of confidence. It states….

Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way.

Self Confidence Is The Most Important Quality For

  1. Finding a romantic partner – how many times to people miss out of getting that date because they are too shy or lacking in confidence?
  2. Getting the job you want – in an interview situation, confidence is very visible to the interviewer and studies have shown that the confident person tends to gets the job much more often than the person who isn’t confident
  3. Getting a promotion – put yourself in the shoes of the boss. If you had a choice, who would you promote – the person who is shy, indecisive and lacking in confidence, or the person who makes you feel you can trust them because of their level of confidence?
  4. Succeeding in a business venture – a vital part of every business success is belief. If you can’t even believe in yourself, how successful will you be at believing in your business venture?
  5. Becoming a winner in a sporting activity – think of any sport that you have ever watched – isn’t it true to say that the person with the most self-belief nearly always wins?
  6. Feeling good about yourself – on a personal level, I’m sure you’ll agree that you feel better when you are confident.
  7. Being positive – positivity makes you feel better, helps you to create bigger goals and as a result, succeed more often
  8. Avoiding mental health problems like depression, anxiety, low self esteem, etc.  People who are lacking in confidence are statistically more likely to be a common factor in the development of depression and anxiety.

How To Become More Confident

If you’d like to read more on the topic of becoming more confident, have a read of this extensive article – How To Build Confidence In Yourself
In that article, I discuss the traits of confident people, what causes low confidence and give you some confidence building tips.

Confidence Building

Here are some excellent tips to start building your confidence

  1. Mind Your Language – we all have an internal voice but for most people, it can feel like your internal voice is in control and bullying you. You have to start taking control of your internal voice and start to talk back to it. When you hear your internal voice telling you something negative about yourself, you have to tell it (quite strongly and forcefully) to shut up. Remember those internal negative words create negative emotions and that’s exactly what you don’t want. So it makes sense to say that if you want to create positive emotions, your internal voice has to be retrained to speak only positive words. This might take a while but it’s worth it. This self hypnosis audio will help in that retraining process.
  2. Review Your Beliefs – for many people, you could describe their beliefs about themselves as limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are simply beliefs that limit your potential in various different situations. You need to review your beliefs right now. Write them down so that you can look back over them afterwards. I would suggest drawing a line down the page. Put your limiting beliefs on one side of the page under the heading “Limiting Beliefs”.. On the other side, form a heading called “Better Beliefs”. Now write down what would be a better belief to have instead. When you have your list fully completed, now get started on repeating those new beliefs to yourself at least once a day.
  3. Change Your Posture – first of all, become very aware of what your posture is like when you are doing your confidence problem. Now change it. Shoulders back. Chest out. Head held higher. Practice this new posture more often and you will actually feel better.
  4. Be Good Enough – work on accepting that you are good enough right now, exactly the way you are. Accept that you have value and that you deserve good things to happen to you. Many people, when they read this, will say to themselves “I know – I should think I’m good enough”. That is not good enough. That’s really a cunningly disguised self-criticism. Keep reminding yourself regularly that you are good enough – right now!
  5. No Comparisons – stop comparing yourself to other people. As i regularly tell people that come to see me in person – you’re either doing that or analysing it. You need to be on the side of the fence where you are doing that. So, if you spot yourself comparing yourself to others, tell yourself to stop it immediately and remind yourself that you are equal to them. They have good points and bad points and so do you. You are equal.
  6. Manage Your Environment – try to surround yourself with positive people. Look around your inner circle and identify people who compare themselves to others, people who are negative, people who have limiting beliefs themselves, etc. Now try and introduce more positive people into your inner circle and gradually, spend less time with the most negative people. Remember, confident people can teach you how to be more confident.

Self Hypnosis For Confidence

Self hypnosis audios are a fantastic tool to help you to powerfully change those ingrained thought patterns and beliefs about yourself that have kept you trapped in low self confidence. This recording contains a powerful visualization of having the confidence you want. As a result, this means that you experience the feeling of being confident every time you listen to this recording. By experiencing the feeling every day for at least thirty days that will gradually filter through into your every thought patterns and automatic behaviours so that you start noticing improvements. There is no time like right now to get started on getting the life you want. Scroll up now and click on the Add To Cart button and download this track immediately and get started on your new confident life. t

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TRACK LENGTH: 23 minutes and 11 seconds


  • Listen once per day for 30 days
  • Make sure you are listening at a time and in a place that’s safe, probably lying in your bed
  • Listen through headphones or earphones to block out distractions
  • DO NOT concentrate on the words that are being said – drift off into your own daydream during the recording
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