Overcome Sugar Addiction


Overcome Sugar Addiction

Imagine if you could…..

 Feel like you are definitely in control
 Develop powerful confidence in your ability to say “No” to candy, cakes or soda
 Build automatic responses so that you don’t have to rely on willpower
 Enjoy being calm and relaxed with lots of energy throughout the day

Today is the day! Your freedom day! Make a start right now. Listen to this self hypnosis audio for 30 days and embed new thoughts and automatic responses in your unconscious mind to make it easier for you to succeed at rejecting refined sugar every day from now on.

Download Overcome Sugar Addiction now and start freeing yourself from your addiction today!

Overcome Sugar Addiction

Do you suffer from sugar addiction? If you’re not sure, maybe you might like to take my Sugar Addiction Quiz below. If you are fairly certain you are suffering from a sugar addiction, here are some tips

  1. Sugar Craving Or Real Hunger – the first thing you need to do is distinguish between what is a craving and what is real hunger. A sugar craving can come from two main sources – your blood sugar level having dropped after your last sugar binge, or else your body’s need for a dopamine hit (or to put it another way, an emotional reward).
  2. Drink Lots Of Water – keep telling yourself that water will do it for you and after a while it actually will. Water helps to flush out toxins from your body and helps your blood sugar level to stay stable. It also fills you up so may act as a temporary stop-gap – enough to have time to figure out if you are genuinely hungry.
  3. Listen To A Self Hypnosis Recording – listening to this self hypnosis audio will help to stop sugar cravings and help you to distinguish better between real hunger and a craving.

Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine

In an article entitled “Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?”, which can be found on the New Hall Hospital website, the author of the article cites a review published in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine, where it is claimed that all of the effects of cocaine can be also be found in sugar – bingeing, craving, tolerance, withdrawal, dependence and reward.

sugar addiction

There is a great degree of balance in this article and the author also includes information from other studies that seem to contradict this finding. I think perhaps the real question for you is – has it been difficult to ditch the sugary foods / drinks? If you have found it difficult then there really is little argument that it is addictive for you.

If you’re still not certain if you are addicted to sugary things why not take my Sugar Addiction Quiz below and see how many answers indicate that you are actually addicted to sugar.

(Photo by ELISA KERSCHBAUMER on Unsplash

Sugar Addiction Quiz

  1. When you eat or drink sugary things, do you say “this is the last time”?
    A: Never
    B: Sometimes
    C: Most of the time
  2. Are you ever secretive about buying sugary things?
    A: Never
    B: Sometimes
    C: Quite often
  3. Have you ever hidden sugary things so that others wouldn’t know you had them?
    A: Never
    B: Sometimes
    C: Quite often
  4. Have you ever secretively ate or drank sugary treats?
    A: Never
    B: Sometimes
    C: Quite often
  5. How often do you eat / drink sugary things?
    A: Never
    B: Maybe once or twice a week
    C: Almost every day
  6. If you go to a restaurant, do you always eat dessert?
    A: Never
    B: The odd time
    C: It’s my favourite part of eating out.
  7. How would you describe your energy levels?
    A: Pretty similar all day long
    B: Run out of energy in the afternoon / early evening
    C: I notice I’m low on energy quite often
  8. If there’s an open packet of cookies, candy, chocolate, are you
    A: Able to never even think about it
    B: In control sometimes but do have your weak moments
    C: Driving yourself silly because they are constantly on your mind

Your Answers

Mainly “A”‘s – please go out and become a teacher or guru straight away. You are like the Yoda of the sugar world – wise and always in control!
Mainly “B”‘s – you are on that road to addiction. You really do have to be careful.
Mainly “C”‘s – please download this self hypnosis recording immediately. You need help!

Hypnosis For Sugar Addiction

Like all hypnosis, it works if you want it to work for you. As i regularly explain to clients that come to see me at my hypnosis clinic, hypnosis does not change your mind if you don’t want to change it. So if you have the mindset that says “hey I don’t really want to give up my sugar addiction”, well of course it won’t work for you. If you are, however, really serious about kicking this dangerous addiction, then hypnotherapy will work really well for you.

Listen to this recording every day for at least thirty days for best results. If you are unsure about how to listen to a self hypnosis recording, check out this article – How Do I Listen To A Self Hypnosis Audio?

So what are you waiting for? Scroll back up and click on that Add To Cart button and you’ll be able to instantly download this track and start immediately.


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