Get Over A Relationship Breakup


Get Over A Relationship Breakup With Hypnosis


Do You Want To Get Over A Relationship Breakup?

Imagine if you could…..

Accept that the relationship is over
 Realise it’s ok to feel upset or sad or angry
Believe that you’ll be fine and you’ll be able to cope
Enjoy finding yourself and your own identity again

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Do You Want To Get Over A Relationship Breakup?

get over a relationship breakup
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What if you could learn from that relationship so that you make better choices in future?

How would it be to feel strong and empowered within yourself?

Do you want to actually feel good about being single again and embrace it as a new adventure?

Are you just simply done with feeling bad but don’t know how to stop feeling bad?

How Often Do Relationships Work After a Breakup

Many people get back together after a breakup. It is reckoned that anything up to 50% of relationships try again after a breakup. The success of this is dependent on a number of factors

  1. Do both partners really want to get back together? Sometimes one person wants to get back together more than the other does, and typically, that doesn’t work out long-term.
  2. Are both partners willing to take responsibility and ownership for their part in the breakup. It is rarely the case that the breakup is 100% the fault of just one of the partners (even in the case of cheating).
  3. Will you both commit to talking more openly about your wants and needs in future? If both of you can succeed at doing this, then there is a chance that the relationship will survive and thrive.
  4. Be willing to apologise, The other person is probably hurt by the breakup. Partners who are willing to apologise for their part in leading to the breakup and causing the hurt are more likely to make it work this time
  5. Realise when it is right to call time on the relationship. You cause more pain in the long run by not being willing to face facts if you are in a toxic relationship

Short Term Relationship Breakup

Short term relationship breakups can be just as devastating as long term relationship breakups. It really depends on how fast you developed feelings for your partner. For everyone, that time-frame is different. Some people take months to fall in love. For others, it make only take days until they realise they are smitten. The depth of feeling is what determines how painful the breakup is – not the length of time spent in the relationship

Getting Into A Relationship Too Fast After A Breakup

How long does it take to get over a relationship breakup? From my experience of dealing with clients who have had breakups, the timeframe is very individual. Some of the factors that affect how long it takes are

  1. The strength of emotion caused by the breakup. For some people, maybe if they are not really madly and deeply in love with their partner, a breakup is easier to deal with. For others, especially those who have a very “black or white” mindset, resentments can fester for years.
  2. Your ability to believe in a bright future. Some people are naturally negative and don’t have a strong belief in a bright, shiny future. For these people, a relationship breakup can be really devastating. However, if you can still hold onto a belief that there is someone special and wonderful out there for you, your belief in that brighter future will help you to move on.

By listening to this recording for thirty days, you’ll prepare your mind for the next relationship by fully letting go of the relationship that has broken up. In doing this you’ll be giving yourself the best opportunity to enjoy dating again. You’ll be giving yourself the best shot at feeling comfortable around your next date. And you’ll be doing that person a favour too, because there is nothing worse than going on a date with someone and picking up on the vibe that they are still over over their ex.

Should You Listen To Your Friends Relationship Advice

Unless your friend has the ability to be objective, the answer is probably not. Because your friend cares about you, they will probably have negative feelings about your ex. In other words, they can’t be a good referee if they are playing for one of the teams. You may, of course seek the support and love and care from your friends that you need, but it probably would be wise to ask them to stop with the advice.

Hypnosis Can Help

Paul J Hunter has used his years of clinical experience and thousands of hours of being face-to-face with real people who have undergone painful breakup and crafted a powerful self hypnosis audio for you to listen to which will help you to

  • learn to accept that a breakup is part of the risk you agree to when you enter a committed relationship
  • ask yourself what have you learned from this relationship that going to help you make better choices in future
  • let go of negative emotions towards that person (and yourself)
  • practice self love and self care and eliminate self criticism

Hypnosis To Forget Someone

Many people wonder if it is possible to have hypnosis to forget someone. If you’ve gone through a bad breakup, the idea of erasing someone from your mind can be very tempting. It would be great if there was some magic where you could just snap your fingers and that person would be gone along with all of the pain. The flip side is also true. There are people out there who would love to know how to hypnotize someone into loving you. So, can a hypnotist make you forget?

In real life, we let go differently. If you think back to some previous relationship way back in the past, how did you get over that? I reckon it was probably by doing a couple of the following things

  1. Giving yourself permission to move on
  2. Filling up your thought time with other thoughts
  3. Adopting the mindset of “live and let live”
  4. Forgiving the person for hurting you
  5. Accepting that there is someone else out there waiting for you
  6. Believing that life will be good again soon

So if you’d like to know if hypnosis can erase someone from your memory the answer is yes and no. Using relationship hypnotherapy, we can ease you into some of the beliefs listed above which will help you to move on. Just in case you’re wondering, how to brainwash yourself to forget something is more a thing for intelligence agencies, not hypnosis.

By listening to this self hypnosis audio download for thirty days, those powerful positive suggestions on the recording will embed deeply into your unconscious mind and help you to

  • feel better every day
  • look forward positively
  • feel secure in the knowledge that the next relationship is on it’s way

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