what is fear of cancer called

What Is Fear Of Cancer Called?

Have you ever asked yourself “what is fear of cancer called?”. If you have then I can put your mind at rest. The technical name for this fear is carcinophobia. You might notice the similarity with the word carcinogen. The first part of each word (carcino) is derived from the Greek word karkinos which means crab. This came about because the enlarged veins which are common to people with cancer were believed to look like crabs legs.

People with a fear of cancer are in danger of becoming depressed or reclusive. As a result, this fear can potentially limit your enjoyment of life. If you feel you might have a fear of cancer, there is something positive you can do. You could listen to a self hypnosis audio every day.

When you listen to a self hypnosis audio, your mind will be gently retrained to believe that there is no value to having the fear. You’ll be convinced that the best thing you can do is to relax and hold a positive image in your mind at all time.

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