Guaranteed Happiness: Learn The Seven Powers Of Happy People

Self help books – I have written this self help book because in my hypnosis clinic in Cork, I cannot even begin to describe how many people come to see me with anxiety – mainly worry, overthinking, procrastination and general negativity. It really seems like the plague of the 21st century.

My Self Help Books

Using my many years of experience as a highly respected therapist, I have designed this book in workbook style with exercises for you in each chapter.

You will learn how to reduce worry to a just a few minutes each day. You will learn how to visualize the future happiness you want with such vividness and authenticity that it’ll feel as if you already have the happiness you want. Also, you’ll learn how to “switch off” the importance that you used to give to what other people think.

In the book I use real life examples from my therapy clinic (names changed to protect clients privacy). I also use some amusing stories from my own life to illustrate what I mean and to give you a sense of how I personally learned these lessons throughout my life too.

Free Gift

To buy my self help books on Amazon right now, just click on the book cover image and you’ll be taken to the page on Amazon’s website where you can buy right now. When you buy this book in kindle format on Amazon, within the book you’ll find a coupon code which will allow you to download the Guaranteed Happiness mp3