Motivational Speaker Ireland

motivational speaker self help author hypnotherapistDo you need a great motivational speaker to deliver a speech, a talk or a seminar to your company, group or organisation? You’ll be enthralled by the down to earth, entertaining style of Paul Hunter. When you hire Paul for your event, you’ll be getting a motivational speaker who has in depth personal knowledge of topics like stress, workplace bullying, emotional wellbeing, etc., because Paul has helped thousands of people to overcome their problems and live much happier lives through his therapy practice Cork Hypnosis Clinic.

Paul weaves funny and thought-provoking stories from real life into his talks to help your audience to get the most out of his time speaking with them. And if the audience are open to it, Paul can lead them into a therapeutic trance at the end of the talk which will leave them feeling energised and extremely relaxed.

Some of the events that Paul excels at are

  • Corporate events & dinners
  • Conferences
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Sporting gatherings
  • Product launches

Motivational Speaker Topics

Here are some of the topics Paul can cover.

  • Beyond Burnout – how to recover from burnout
  • Beat The Bully – how to be more assertive and believe in yourself more
  • The Off Switch – how to switch off after the working day is over
  • Positive Mental Health – how to grow your positivity
  • Reach For The Stars – the psychology of achievement
  • Positively Good Parenting – sail through parenting the easy way

Paul is always open to designing a speech or a course of talks or seminars to suit you or your organisations needs, so please feel free to contact Paul even if the topic you’d like covered is not mentioned above

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