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Guaranteed Happiness Hypnosis MP3

Would you like to feel genuinely happy with yourself and your life?

Paul J Hunter is a leading hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and a very insightful self help author, bringing his years of experience from his very successful clinic. This hypnosis mp3 recording is a companion to the book “Guaranteed Happiness” which can be bought either as an ebook or as a paperback from Amazon. When you buy the book, you receive a code that will allow you to download this recording FREE. In the book, Paul reveals secrets that will help you to stop negativity, overthinking and worry in their tracks and to embrace new, wonderfully positive habits in your thinking and behavior that will transform your life in a very short space of time.

Guaranteed Happiness Skills

You will learn how to reduce worry to a just a few minutes each day. You will learn how to visualize the future happiness you want with such vividness and authenticity that it’ll feel as if you already have the happiness you want. Also, you’ll learn how to “switch off” the importance that you used to give to what other people think.

Want to guarantee yourself happiness? Then “Guaranteed Happiness” is the book for you! Using real-life examples from his extensive experience as a therapist, Paul will explain every concept in this book in a down-to-earth, easy to understand format. You’ll find practical exercises that are designed to get you what you want in the shortest space of time possible.

In addition to all of the powerful, practical techniques included in this book, Paul is also making available to you a free self-hypnosis audio which is specially recorded using cutting edge psychological techniques to get you easily dumping the old negative mindset and filling up your mind with happy thoughts and emotions so that you experience more and more happiness every day.

(There is a code included in the book which will allow you to download this audio free of charge).

So if you are ready right now to be happy, this book is definitely for you!

You can, of course, use this recording without purchasing the book if you prefer.

Guaranteed Happiness MP3 Instructions

Listen once a day for 30 days (minimum) and after that, whenever you choose. When listening, let your mind drift away. Do not try to listen carefully or understand everything on the recording! It works best when it is just in the background while you drift off into your own pleasant daydream.


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