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Motivational speaker, personal development trainer, self help author, and renowned hypnotherapist Paul J Hunter welcomes you to this website where you will find self help books which are available to download from the Amazon Kindle store plus online personal development and wellbeing courses (through Udemy), and a fantastic range of hypnosis downloads on a variety of topics which can help you to powerfully change your life.

Self Help Author

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Paul J Hunter has spent the past ten years working as a master hypnotherapist and psychotherapist helping people with various different issues such as self-esteem, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, confidence, etc.

His desire to become a self help author sprang from his keen observations of clients over the years. He has now distilled his many years of success in helping people to overcome their problems and issues into simple, yet powerful books that will change your life for the better.

His books are very easy to read, jargon-free and contain simple methods that you can use to improve your life along with many real-life stories demonstrating seemingly unsurmountable problems and explaining how that person successfully overcame their issue which will help you to begin to believe that you can overcome yours too.

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Personal Development Trainer

Paul has put together a range of personal development courses on life coaching, nlp, hypnotherapy and also shorter courses on overcoming stress, learning to live mindfully, worrying, public speaking, relationships, communications skills, etc.

Motivational Speaker

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As a motivational speaker, Paul J Hunter is an engaging and powerful speaker on many topics including “How To Never Have Stress At Work”, “Avoiding Information Overload”, “Achieving Work Life Balance”, etc.

His humourous style tends to engage an audience right from the start and his use of anecdotes and stories help to cement learning and positive outcomes.

He also can demonstrate if requested how to achieve deep relaxation very quickly and using mild hypnotic techniques can de-stress the audience and send them home feeling fantastic.

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Hypnosis Downloads

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Paul J Hunter has produced a range of hypnosis downloads which are available right now to download.

There are various different titles to choose from to help you to stop smoking, lose weight by being hypnotized to believe that you have had a gastric band operation, overcome anxiety, overcome fears or phobias, overcome depression or negative feelings, increase confidence, and many other titles.

You simply purchase your hypnosis download, download your chosen hypnosis mp3 and then listen every day for 30 – 45 days to get the best results.

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Paul has a very busy practice in Cork called Cork Hypnosis Clinic where he sees clients one-to-one for their personal therapy.

He deals with issues as diverse as stop smoking, weight loss, confidence, fears and phobias, anxiety, depression and even sexual problems. He has built up a enviable reputation amongst health professionals throughout Ireland as an expert in the area of anxiety and regularly has clients referred to him by both doctors and psychiatrists.

Hypnotherapy is solution-focused therapy so rather than constantly reliving trauma by talking about it non-stop, hypnotherapy focuses of getting to the solution as quickly as possible so typically, positive outcomes are achieved much quicker than with traditional talking therapy.

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